Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Halloween. And I don't even know were we are. We're locked in some closet in an abandoned house. But Melody's okay and that's what matters. I'm cut pretty bad on my back but it's bandaged to the best of our ablity. Shit why did this happen?

It was last night and we were walking in some park when I heard footsteps. I turned around but I felt a terrible stinging in my back. I could feel blood starting to come out. I turned to Melody but she was gone. Then I heard a voice.
" Did'nt you get my note? ". I turned to see a figure in a hoody holding a knife to Melody's throat. I had the crowbar out but the figure said " Drop it or Ill carve the symbol in her face," I dropped it. " Who are you? What do you want? " I asked not daring to make a move.
" Did'nt you get the note? Your such a stupid boy. I'm Rika," she said. She took of the hood. It was the hallowed girl from before. She beckoned to me.
" Follow me or she dies, " she groweled as she tightened her grip on Melody. Melody gave out a small whimper of pain. I rushed at Rika but she held the knife right at Melody's throat.

So I followed her as she walked with the knife at Melody's throat. That's when we came to a ware house. At that point I started to get light headed and I heard Melody scream. I ran towards her scream but I tripped and heard a childs laugh and blacked out. I woke up in a closet that was pitch black except for a small grimy window. In the morning I could see better. Melody was gone. I screamed and yelled but nothing happened. There was a door which I hit, kicked and tried to break down but it had a deadbolt. About an hour ago Melody was thrown in by Rika who quicky shut the door.

Trapped again. Shit. Where are we? Why are we here? Melody's okay. There's no physical damage I can see. She is kind of delierious though.



  1. MMh, not good. I think you're going to need to kick this agent's ass, B. Melody's been used against you, even if she is the innocent still.

    Any chance of getting a stun gun? Heck, any weapon at all for her and you is better than nothing. Equipment is going to be your best aid as you continue, several thick jackets will help deflect a knife at least, if not bullets.

    I wonder why she brought you to the warehouse.

    Did Melody say what happened while you were separated? Be her rock, B. Handle it, and beat this agent down. Also, warehouses have lots of fire extinguishers, get one.

  2. B? Are you about? Starting to get a bit concerned.

  3. I'm ok Zero and so is Melody. Things have been... rough so to say. I'll post soon. Also I got a fire extinguisher.