Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Halloween. And I don't even know were we are. We're locked in some closet in an abandoned house. But Melody's okay and that's what matters. I'm cut pretty bad on my back but it's bandaged to the best of our ablity. Shit why did this happen?

It was last night and we were walking in some park when I heard footsteps. I turned around but I felt a terrible stinging in my back. I could feel blood starting to come out. I turned to Melody but she was gone. Then I heard a voice.
" Did'nt you get my note? ". I turned to see a figure in a hoody holding a knife to Melody's throat. I had the crowbar out but the figure said " Drop it or Ill carve the symbol in her face," I dropped it. " Who are you? What do you want? " I asked not daring to make a move.
" Did'nt you get the note? Your such a stupid boy. I'm Rika," she said. She took of the hood. It was the hallowed girl from before. She beckoned to me.
" Follow me or she dies, " she groweled as she tightened her grip on Melody. Melody gave out a small whimper of pain. I rushed at Rika but she held the knife right at Melody's throat.

So I followed her as she walked with the knife at Melody's throat. That's when we came to a ware house. At that point I started to get light headed and I heard Melody scream. I ran towards her scream but I tripped and heard a childs laugh and blacked out. I woke up in a closet that was pitch black except for a small grimy window. In the morning I could see better. Melody was gone. I screamed and yelled but nothing happened. There was a door which I hit, kicked and tried to break down but it had a deadbolt. About an hour ago Melody was thrown in by Rika who quicky shut the door.

Trapped again. Shit. Where are we? Why are we here? Melody's okay. There's no physical damage I can see. She is kind of delierious though.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We're out of the treestand now. We've been following a road south for the past couple of days and sleeping wherever we can. It's been service station bathrooms for the past two days. Anyways I woke up and waited until 8:30 which is usually busy enough for us to make it out without getting noticed and when I met up with Melody outside of the women's bathroom she said she had something to show me. We went out back and she showed me this note.

I really hope that's not blood. It's all in some sort of code. I haven't seen anything like it. If one of you could help me out as to what it means please tell me. I'm not sure if I even want to know though. Since it's in code I'm assuming it's from a hallowed. What does this mean? We haven't seen him since the woods though so that's good. (by the way we have Melody's phone but she turned the network off on it but we can still take photos and video. I don't want to make videos though knowing that relation to him.

Oh well. Sorry for the short post we've gotta run.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dreams and Hypnosis

We're okay. We're still using the treestand and it's moderatly comfy. There's a roof at least.

Now onto the nightmare I had. I was in the woods running and shouting Melody's name.I heard her scream and ran into a clearing. She was cornered by him and the hallowed girl. She saw me and told me to run. I charged at him but he knocked me back. I got up but the hallowed pinned me down. I kicked and thrashed but it was no use. And out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrap his tendrils around Melody and heard her scream as I heard a sickining crack.

I woke up screaming. Melody screamed too and I hugged her. I stopped myself from crying. After a while I hesitantly told her about my dream. She didn't respond in any way except she tightened her grip around me.

I haven't slept since.

Today we saw him for the first time since the gas station.
He was standing next to a tree 20 feet away. Suddenly Melody stood up and started to climb down the ladder. I ran over and pulled her back into the stand and she sort of like woke up from what I can only call a trance or something. Hypnosis.

At least I think this points to something good, he can't get us when where high up. So one of M's rules does work.It could also be the operator symbol carved into the floor. So that's why he was trying to get Melody to come down.

From now on I will watch Melody all the time. I need to keep her safe.


Monday, October 18, 2010


We,ve come far since B's last post. He's sleeping right now. We're in some sort of treestand about 40 ft up. Despite what B's told me about him and trees we haven't seen him since yesterday. We came out of the cornfield to a road and followed it. We even were able to get sodas at a gas station with our diminishing money. We came out and I almost screamed because he was right across the road. We ran and somehow all I remember is that we were in the woods again. Time slips. B told me about those too. B doesn't remember either.

I feel bad for him. He thinks it's all his falt that he got me involved in this. But it's my own falt. I looked up everything and researched it more. And more over it's His falt above all. Monster.

I also want to stop this thing. B said he had a plan that he's going to tell me tommorow.
Oh crap I just noticed something. Theres An operator symbol carved in the floor. I hope that's a good thing. I'll tell B.


Friday, October 15, 2010


So we ran today. We ran and ran until the woods stopped. It led to a cornfield a big one. We were running through it for a while but we stopped at around dusk. No sightings of him or her.

I have a theory. Zero said that /construct/ usually goes at his victims at a slower pace. I think that he was moving at an accelerated pace because we were in the woods, his domain. Therefore he worked more effeciently.

Also I read on Robert Sages blog that he was weaker on Halloween. I have a plan already for that but all in due time.

It's nice for once not to be harassed by faceless men or physcos for once.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


It happened only an hour ago.

We were hudled together in the shack when I heard footsteps. I got the crow bar in my hands and braced myself for what would happen next.
" He's going to kill you both you know," I heard a female voice from the outsid of the door.
"He's even letting me watch you and torment you too oh how generous he is,".
At that point the door was kicked open and the agent girl came in. I could barley see her outline but I swung with the crowbar but she managed to dodge it. At this point Melody woke up and I screamed at her to get back she did. Iswung again but the hallowed girl was already behind me and she kicked me in the back. I finaly managed to hit her right in the side of her hip with the crowbar. She gasped but took out a knife but she stopped. "He wishes me to go no further, pity," she said and ran away. Melody was fine. She hugged me and said that she was scared. I was terrified but I tried not to show it.

We are definetly moving tommorow.



He wouldn't come in. I don't know why. It might be because I was trying my hardest to protect Melody and  believeing that he could not enter. But he sent someone else in. She was hallowed obviously because who else would kick down a door wearing a mask holding a knife. We were forced to run. We grabbed as much as we could and escaped into the woods. We kept running but then I turned around to see the house on fire with the hallowed girl standing in front of him. His tentacles were out again.

We ran for two hours before we came to a shack. Great. So here we are again in the middle of the woods. And now we have to worry about hallowed girl too. Great just great. God I'm so sick of this. Melody's crying again. Why did I tell her? Why?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The fog lifted at around dusk. We ran in the direction in which we thought the house was in. Soon it got dark. We got to the clearing where the house was. He was already there. Right in front of us, blocking us. Then the tendrils came out at least ten I counted in the fading light. I grabbed Melody's arm and ran around the house and entered through the back. I'm suprised he didn't intercept us.

So tonight we have all the windows shut locked and the blinds down. We're trying to keep our spirits up. Tonight I will not let anything happen to Melody. Even if it means I will have to sacrifice myself. I've got a crowbar by my side. It's a last resort and I am putting all my energy into beleiving that it will hurt him.

We have to move tommorow. If we get turned back to our regular lives it will be a dead end. We would die.



Woke up this morning. Only I was in the middle of the woods. There was thick fog all around me. Not good. Melody was missing too. Then I heard her calling my name. I ran towards her voice but something tripped me. I was then dragged across the forest floor. Holy crap I'm still shaking. Of course when I get up there he was moving his head side to side. Then he vanished. I heard Melody's voice further off that time. I ran towards her and found her sitting under a tree. She said that she had woken up and called my name and heard me scream when I was dragged. We didn't move I spotted the laptop by another tree. Weird.

So here we are under the same tree. We may try to find the house again but there's still fog.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Found Her

I found Melody. Thank God. She still Is'nt fully recovered.

So today I set out further in the woods. I just had a gut feeling that if she would be anywhere it would be in there. So I went deep into the woods I did not see him but I did feel as if I were being watched. Then I came into a clearing. And in the middle was a circle of rocks and in the center was Melody. She was unconcious and her clothes were ripped. She also had various cuts along her back and arms. I ran over to her and she woke up and she embraced me and started crying.

We're back in the house now. Melody's doing better. When I asked her what happened she said that when he took her she appeared in the middle of the woods and felt sick and started coughing. She then said she started running but felt extreme pain and blacked out.

I will keep you posted as to what happens.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Happened

I remember it so well unfortunately. It was back in July. I was camping with some friends in the Adirondacks and my friend told me a story about what he called Slender Man. He told me how he was fond of trees and later that night I went to take a leak. That's when I first saw him. He was in the treeline just watching me. I freaked out and ran back to camp, but didn't tall anyone because at the time I thought I was just seeing things.

Since the camp out I saw him only once more and I'm still not sure if it was him.

That's until the last two weeks.

When school started again I started hearing things at night. Then I saw him, watching me through my window. I didn't tell anyone until the next day. I was In Latin class with my best friend, Melody and I glanced out of the window and saw him across the street. I made my biggest mistake then. I asked her If she saw him but she didn't and thought I was joking. So I told her about him, what he does, stories, everything. She was pretty freaked out but she was interested.

I was still upset and scared when I got home that day. Then I got a call from Melody. She said he was there across the street. So I went to a window and saw him standing across from her house. I ran to her backyard and she let me in her house. We ran to her room and I lifted the blinds just a crack. I almost screamed, Melody did. He was right there his head cocked to the side in that sinister way.
I called my parents and told them I was going to a friends house. Melody's mom was out of town until the next week. I stayed with her that night. I told her everything that we could do to stop him.We decided to take shifts.

It was about 3 am and it was my shift when I saw him in the door way. I woke up Melody and covered her mouth before she could scream. He just looked at us and then he disappeared. In the morning we ran. We ran through the woods it was our only choice everywhere else he would appear right in front of us. In a clearing in the woods we stopped. There was a house for sale. We broke in and decided to spend the night there.
That night I awoke to screaming. Melody must have fallen asleep and he had gotten in. He had one of his tendrils wrapped around her neck. Before I could do anything he vanished with her.

It was my fault. I was the one who told her about it. I infected her.

So here I am in the this house in the middle of the woods trapped. I plan on getting out and searching for Melody tomorrow. Sandra suggested I did. Ill keep this laptop also.



So here I am. My name is B. And I'm being followed by Slender Man. Can't get any simpler than that.
And now I'm determined to destroy him. I cannot will not end up like others. He took and most likely killed my best friend or worse he could have turned her. And it's all my fault.

So through this blog I wish to share what happens to me.