Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dreams and Hypnosis

We're okay. We're still using the treestand and it's moderatly comfy. There's a roof at least.

Now onto the nightmare I had. I was in the woods running and shouting Melody's name.I heard her scream and ran into a clearing. She was cornered by him and the hallowed girl. She saw me and told me to run. I charged at him but he knocked me back. I got up but the hallowed pinned me down. I kicked and thrashed but it was no use. And out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrap his tendrils around Melody and heard her scream as I heard a sickining crack.

I woke up screaming. Melody screamed too and I hugged her. I stopped myself from crying. After a while I hesitantly told her about my dream. She didn't respond in any way except she tightened her grip around me.

I haven't slept since.

Today we saw him for the first time since the gas station.
He was standing next to a tree 20 feet away. Suddenly Melody stood up and started to climb down the ladder. I ran over and pulled her back into the stand and she sort of like woke up from what I can only call a trance or something. Hypnosis.

At least I think this points to something good, he can't get us when where high up. So one of M's rules does work.It could also be the operator symbol carved into the floor. So that's why he was trying to get Melody to come down.

From now on I will watch Melody all the time. I need to keep her safe.



  1. hmmm an old anti-vampire trick might work for you, put an Operator symbol on your forehead with lipstick or whatever. He can't look in your eyes without seeing it. Would also be a good idea to have a tarp with it on there as well, to sleep atop.

    Now I have a question about Melody. Do you have more of an attachment to her, or are you two just friends? I ask because I'm wanting to know what emotions you have in your journey, might help me put myself in your shoes.

  2. Before we were more of just friends. But after everything that happened we're much closer now. I love her.