Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The fog lifted at around dusk. We ran in the direction in which we thought the house was in. Soon it got dark. We got to the clearing where the house was. He was already there. Right in front of us, blocking us. Then the tendrils came out at least ten I counted in the fading light. I grabbed Melody's arm and ran around the house and entered through the back. I'm suprised he didn't intercept us.

So tonight we have all the windows shut locked and the blinds down. We're trying to keep our spirits up. Tonight I will not let anything happen to Melody. Even if it means I will have to sacrifice myself. I've got a crowbar by my side. It's a last resort and I am putting all my energy into beleiving that it will hurt him.

We have to move tommorow. If we get turned back to our regular lives it will be a dead end. We would die.


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