Friday, October 15, 2010


So we ran today. We ran and ran until the woods stopped. It led to a cornfield a big one. We were running through it for a while but we stopped at around dusk. No sightings of him or her.

I have a theory. Zero said that /construct/ usually goes at his victims at a slower pace. I think that he was moving at an accelerated pace because we were in the woods, his domain. Therefore he worked more effeciently.

Also I read on Robert Sages blog that he was weaker on Halloween. I have a plan already for that but all in due time.

It's nice for once not to be harassed by faceless men or physcos for once.



  1. that might have something to do with it, being near All Hallows Eve. Things are much different in your case than with others, ie: attacks are quicker, the labryinth showed sooner, and he seems more aggressive.

    Here's my thought on how this happened. I'm guessing you're more exposed to /construct/ second hand, meaning you've read the blogs like I have, you've seen the accounts of his attacks, and you've seen how this works out. Sort of a second generation of attacks, it's....apprehensive of me to think that /construct/ is adapting to previous trials. I wonder what Robert(Sage)'s thought on this might be.

    Alas at the moment I have no ideas for you based off this new information, outside of carrying a fire extinguisher.

    Hmm, maybe if...what you've read in the past has made him work faster, maybe what helps fight against him will work better too?

    It's all part of that power of belief I talk about....interesting.

  2. That's probably it. When my friend told me I was freaked out. I loved it. I read everything there was, not knowing the consequence.