Thursday, October 7, 2010


So here I am. My name is B. And I'm being followed by Slender Man. Can't get any simpler than that.
And now I'm determined to destroy him. I cannot will not end up like others. He took and most likely killed my best friend or worse he could have turned her. And it's all my fault.

So through this blog I wish to share what happens to me.



  1. Remarkable, how many people now have taken it upon themselves to fight it now. This is our strength, and it was Zeke who started this entire belief, that it was killable...

  2. Honestly, if you want to help people, you shouldn't do it by making a blog about it! All you're doing is spreading it around.

  3. Have you considered that you are imagining things?
    Often perceiving impossible entities is a hallucination, a mental projection of some other terrible trauma that has been sealed away in the mind.
    A few commenters seem convinced that your personal beliefs about the slenderman will effect what he does, adding to the likelihood that he is a mental projection. However, if he is, only finding what he represents and resolving it will stop him (kind of like pyramid head from the Silent Hill series).