Monday, October 18, 2010


We,ve come far since B's last post. He's sleeping right now. We're in some sort of treestand about 40 ft up. Despite what B's told me about him and trees we haven't seen him since yesterday. We came out of the cornfield to a road and followed it. We even were able to get sodas at a gas station with our diminishing money. We came out and I almost screamed because he was right across the road. We ran and somehow all I remember is that we were in the woods again. Time slips. B told me about those too. B doesn't remember either.

I feel bad for him. He thinks it's all his falt that he got me involved in this. But it's my own falt. I looked up everything and researched it more. And more over it's His falt above all. Monster.

I also want to stop this thing. B said he had a plan that he's going to tell me tommorow.
Oh crap I just noticed something. Theres An operator symbol carved in the floor. I hope that's a good thing. I'll tell B.


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