Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We're out of the treestand now. We've been following a road south for the past couple of days and sleeping wherever we can. It's been service station bathrooms for the past two days. Anyways I woke up and waited until 8:30 which is usually busy enough for us to make it out without getting noticed and when I met up with Melody outside of the women's bathroom she said she had something to show me. We went out back and she showed me this note.

I really hope that's not blood. It's all in some sort of code. I haven't seen anything like it. If one of you could help me out as to what it means please tell me. I'm not sure if I even want to know though. Since it's in code I'm assuming it's from a hallowed. What does this mean? We haven't seen him since the woods though so that's good. (by the way we have Melody's phone but she turned the network off on it but we can still take photos and video. I don't want to make videos though knowing that relation to him.

Oh well. Sorry for the short post we've gotta run.


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  1. Leet: no. Caesar: no Dancing man: no Columnar Transposition: no nor double Railfence: unlikely Masonic: no. Admit: I(fool) could be mistaking some of the "letters" due to the size of the pictures