Thursday, October 14, 2010


He wouldn't come in. I don't know why. It might be because I was trying my hardest to protect Melody and  believeing that he could not enter. But he sent someone else in. She was hallowed obviously because who else would kick down a door wearing a mask holding a knife. We were forced to run. We grabbed as much as we could and escaped into the woods. We kept running but then I turned around to see the house on fire with the hallowed girl standing in front of him. His tentacles were out again.

We ran for two hours before we came to a shack. Great. So here we are again in the middle of the woods. And now we have to worry about hallowed girl too. Great just great. God I'm so sick of this. Melody's crying again. Why did I tell her? Why?



  1. again, you didn't know any better, and all you can do now is stay strong, stay fierce, and if you get the chance, pick up a weapon or two. I have a belief that Agents take a while to cultivate, to corrupt. If you have to...well..eliminate one, it buys you some time. Not that I condone such things mind you. /Construct/ is moving...surprisingly fast against you. Follow M's rules as best you can, make sure Melody understands why she needs to do the same. and a fire extinguisher is always a good idea, against the fire itself and him it seems. I'm starting to think /construct/ doesn't like processed materials...

  2. Why? How long does he usually torment people? Also i've still got the crowbar. If agent girl gets too close I won't think twice.