Saturday, October 9, 2010

Found Her

I found Melody. Thank God. She still Is'nt fully recovered.

So today I set out further in the woods. I just had a gut feeling that if she would be anywhere it would be in there. So I went deep into the woods I did not see him but I did feel as if I were being watched. Then I came into a clearing. And in the middle was a circle of rocks and in the center was Melody. She was unconcious and her clothes were ripped. She also had various cuts along her back and arms. I ran over to her and she woke up and she embraced me and started crying.

We're back in the house now. Melody's doing better. When I asked her what happened she said that when he took her she appeared in the middle of the woods and felt sick and started coughing. She then said she started running but felt extreme pain and blacked out.

I will keep you posted as to what happens.



  1. I'm shocked you found her alive, that's remarkable.

    The question for me now is, what personal truth will he be to you? Will he fear the symbol, or will it call him? Will a fire extinguisher send him packing? It's my belief that he's affected by what you believe. Steel yourself with conviction that it's killable, that you have the power to do so. Everything else is perseverance.

  2. He will fear the symbol. We will believe. We will find a way.