Monday, November 8, 2010


First off we're both okay. We're hiding out in Mcdonalds right now. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. So onto other things.

So Melody and I were trappped in that room. Melody woke up and she didn't remember anything. So we waited in darkness until I turned on the laptop. Zero your going to be so proud of this. There was a fire extinguisher on the wall. I took it of and hit the doorknob with it. Suprisingly it worked and the door opened. We made our escape. We ran by moonlight to a hallway in the warehouse. There we could see him tendrils and all one arm placed on the shoulder of that Rika girl. She saw us and rushed us. We ran. Fight or flight and fighting was to risky. We made it to a door and ran outside. Once outside my emotions flooded me. Overcome with anger I turned to the door. There stood Rika with a knife. I charged at her and I somehow managed to dodge the knife. I turned and I hit her with the fire extinguisher. Right in the head. She was knocked out. We didn't stick around. We ran south. Unfourtunetly in the struggle the laptop was dammaged. But it's working now.

So we've been on the run since. Sleeping in bathrooms, the usual. But yesterday something happened. Melody had no memory of what happened when we were separated. Yesterday she remembered. She said that she remembers being forced to her knees and seeing me getting knocked out by It. She said that she thought it had killed me. She then says that she was tied up and carried to a room that was pitch black. Then she said she heard Rika talking. She heard her ask if she was the one. Melody started to cry and said that Rika began to kick her demanding to know if she was the one. Melody said she then remembers Rika forcing her into a wall and holding a knife at her neck. She said that Rika stopped and told her that "master was pleased". She the remembered seeing him step into moonlight from a window and she felt terrible pain and blacked out.

At least I got revenge on Rika for what she did to Melody. I hope to do the same to Him.

So Zero I hear that your one of the new sages. You'll be good at it. You've already helped Melody and I so you should be great at helping others. I'm going to miss Robert though.



  1. laugh! Well I meant using the actual spray of the extinguisher, but using it as a blunt weapon works well too! Good work, fending off that agent. Keep in mind you might need dispatch her if it comes to it. Generally they aren't people anymore, I think only Jay managed to convert one back, and that wasn't total.

    I miss Robert as well, but remember, the sheer fact that he is still out there is hope for us all. He has posted a few times since his departure, so he's still capable if unable to be consistent due to his duties.

  2. Sandra from H(a)unting said that they might be able to bring Drew back, and implied that Alex Kralie of Marble Hornets was Hallowed once, and came back to normal functioning after being away from Him for long enough.
    Don't risk your life on it, though, I don't think you have the capabilities to undertake that kind of project, especially one that's just a theory right now.

    I miss Robert(Guardian) too. He was a good man. We have Shaun(Guide) now, though. Don't give up hope, and nice work on dispatching that Agent. ;)

    I'm a bit worried though, about how you said Melody was forced to her knees, and how Rika keeps calling tall, dark and slender "master." This is more proof that the Agents idolize It, much like they would a god. I wonder how that kind of belief would affect the /Creature/'s strength...

  3. I wish Robert (Guardian) could read this, because he was the first person to recommend using fire extinguishers as a weapon. I don't think he ever expected them to be used in this way, though. XD

    So, do you have any idea what Rika meant when she said "the one"?

  4. All the more reason to take her out of the equation, but that's a very morbid choice. Not one to be made lightly.

    However if you were to interrogate her, that could lead to an interesting conversation, if extremely risky.

    Got a big fishing net and duct tape, B?

  5. I don't know. We haven't seen her since Halloween. It would be risky but maybe if we could ambush her? It might be worth it to find out what they want with Melody.