Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Woke up this morning. Only I was in the middle of the woods. There was thick fog all around me. Not good. Melody was missing too. Then I heard her calling my name. I ran towards her voice but something tripped me. I was then dragged across the forest floor. Holy crap I'm still shaking. Of course when I get up there he was moving his head side to side. Then he vanished. I heard Melody's voice further off that time. I ran towards her and found her sitting under a tree. She said that she had woken up and called my name and heard me scream when I was dragged. We didn't move I spotted the laptop by another tree. Weird.

So here we are under the same tree. We may try to find the house again but there's still fog.



  1. a labrynith so soon? hmm much faster than /construct/ generally operates. I'm one to believe that such a thing is more mental than physical, and thus beatable. I'm going to suggest intense focus, find one thing in your heart that you can focus on, whether it's Melody's safety or your PSP, and let your sense of purpose guide you.

  2. I will try my hardest, to protect Melody.