Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Happened

I remember it so well unfortunately. It was back in July. I was camping with some friends in the Adirondacks and my friend told me a story about what he called Slender Man. He told me how he was fond of trees and later that night I went to take a leak. That's when I first saw him. He was in the treeline just watching me. I freaked out and ran back to camp, but didn't tall anyone because at the time I thought I was just seeing things.

Since the camp out I saw him only once more and I'm still not sure if it was him.

That's until the last two weeks.

When school started again I started hearing things at night. Then I saw him, watching me through my window. I didn't tell anyone until the next day. I was In Latin class with my best friend, Melody and I glanced out of the window and saw him across the street. I made my biggest mistake then. I asked her If she saw him but she didn't and thought I was joking. So I told her about him, what he does, stories, everything. She was pretty freaked out but she was interested.

I was still upset and scared when I got home that day. Then I got a call from Melody. She said he was there across the street. So I went to a window and saw him standing across from her house. I ran to her backyard and she let me in her house. We ran to her room and I lifted the blinds just a crack. I almost screamed, Melody did. He was right there his head cocked to the side in that sinister way.
I called my parents and told them I was going to a friends house. Melody's mom was out of town until the next week. I stayed with her that night. I told her everything that we could do to stop him.We decided to take shifts.

It was about 3 am and it was my shift when I saw him in the door way. I woke up Melody and covered her mouth before she could scream. He just looked at us and then he disappeared. In the morning we ran. We ran through the woods it was our only choice everywhere else he would appear right in front of us. In a clearing in the woods we stopped. There was a house for sale. We broke in and decided to spend the night there.
That night I awoke to screaming. Melody must have fallen asleep and he had gotten in. He had one of his tendrils wrapped around her neck. Before I could do anything he vanished with her.

It was my fault. I was the one who told her about it. I infected her.

So here I am in the this house in the middle of the woods trapped. I plan on getting out and searching for Melody tomorrow. Sandra suggested I did. Ill keep this laptop also.



  1. Do not blame yourself, B. You didn't know, certainly you wouldn't have (infected) anyone. Your encounter certainly was frightful, but you acted as you thought was best, much better than a great deal of his (victims)

  2. ooh, another latin speaker~ -te- vocabit!

    yes, infecting friends is a pity indeed.