Monday, November 15, 2010

She's back

Rika's back. Not good. Melody and I were staying at another motel and when we woke up this morning the wall had this message carved in it.

J(x)in us.
Y(x)u c(x)uld be s(x)
much m(x)re.
D(x) n(x)t disap(x)int us


We ran. The motel staff shouldn't find us we used fake names. I really don't want to kill anyone but if Rika comes too close...

Melody's not much better. She hasn't talked in a while. I think she's still in shock from everything that's happened.

We're heading South still. Right now we're staying in a service station again. Better than nothing.

We have hope though. I just pray that it will work.



  1. It will, B. It will, just a few more days.

    I don't like killing either B, but this is a very dangerous time, and you know she'd have no trouble taking it to you if she could. Rika is sworn to something foul, and we know it. The sad thing is, he'll just befoul someone else and send him after you again.

    The Operator Symbol is pretty interesting, I mean we use it as a ward against him, they use it as a symbol of support. Maybe it is just a crude focus for us to concentrate on, to project our emotions unto.

  2. Goddamnit, B. This better not be for nothing.
    I can hardly contain my frustration with the entire situation. Zero(Sage)'s been... Hallowed, maybe, and we're supposed to FIGHT him?

    What the hell happened? You have to explain.

    Damnit, damnit, damnit, I don't know. Who the hell is on our side anymore? Is that post from Robert(Guardian) legitimate? Will Zero continue to lead us, or has he made his last gamble?

    I don't want to fight. I never...

  3. See this, B.

    Do not let this go to waste.

    Stay safe
    Keep her safe,
    Maduin (S-J-S)