Thursday, November 18, 2010


We were just attacked. We're both ok don't worry but I learned some disturbing news.

So we're in a hotel on the seventh floor. We chained and locked the door so that no one could get in our room. We went to sleep and about an hour later I woke up. I knew something wasn't right and I saw someone standing in the corner of the room. I lunged at Rika before she could get to Melody. In the struggle I managed to pin her to a wall.
"Just because master doesn't see her anymore doesn't mean I don't. Just because he can't kill her doesn't mean that I can't," she growled as I pinned her down. She reversed me and got up and faced Melody, who had the fire extinguisher in hand.
"Now my dear Melody," Rika said with a sadistic smile. "Why ever would you leave master? You would have made such a good edition. Pity I'm going to have to kill you though.". Melody screamed at her and charged with the extinguisher. Rika grabbed her and threw her too the ground. At this point I had gotten up and I tackled Rika before she could do anything else.
"Your both fools!" Rika yelled and she started laughing. She got to the door. "This will be my last visit. I'm going to Indiana for a little visit with one of your friends. Masters taken quite the liking to him.". And with that she left.

I think you and I know what this means Zero. She's going after you.



  1. Ech, a reminder of why he uses proxies. They can do things he can't. I wonder if they know what they do... Are they really self-aware? Is it murder to take a proxy's life?

    This is... not the best situation, but Zero can take care of himself, right Zero?

    Stay safe.

  2. Hey, forewarned is forearmed. I've got nets put up around my windows, anyone who manages to get through the blinds is going to be entangled for long enough. good to know.


    I think she really hated letting you go, B. Such a pleasure to deny her.

  3. Yeesh... Proxies are a pain! I've got a pair of It's proxies on my tail currently. >.< -Rose

  4. hey, B, What does Rika look like? So I know which one to hit in the face.

  5. She looks to be about 18 and I guess she is about 6ft. She long black hair. She wears a black hoodie alot and she's pyscho. Kill her if you can.

  6. yeah yeah, always cleaning up your messes, B.


    do this, kill that...

  7. @Zero - be careful. Remember what I wrote about weapons.

    @B - did YOU ever attempt to kill Rika?

  8. I was going to kill her after the incident at the shack. But she got to Melody first so I was forced to drop the weapon I had(a crowbar) and follow her.

  9. @Maduin Sword's not on site right now anyway, and you're on target as always, it's more for whatshisface than agents, but you never know who you'll come across. I've got a cudgel, a thick bottle, and a few other good weapons all throughout the house, What I'd really like is a spear of some kind. Good Reach, doesn't need swinging room, piercing damage.

    Yeah, I'd have to make one of those if I get the chance. and the tools