Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Need Help

Seriously things are getting out of hand.

Melody's gotten worse. I'm still trying to stay strong but I don't know what I can do to stop this.

Since my last post Melody's developed the cough. That's never a good sighn. Then she started frogetting things. She woke up outside of the motel we were staying at and didn't remember going outside. Then today we saw him. Melody saw him and almost immediatly fell to the ground holding her ears. She started screaming and told me to get away before she could hurt me. I couldn't stand it anymore so I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran outside. As soon as I approached him he disipeared. I ran back to Melody who was crying. I tryed to comfort her as best I could.

What do I do? It's getting worse and worse and I can't let him get to Melody. But how?

Please help



  1. Two Choices
    Poor Options
    All Available

    Jay's Needle
    Force Forget
    Become Carton
    See Dickens

    For that:
    Tears, Blood
    -Little needed-
    Water, Ice
    -Gallon jug-
    Drink Swiftly

    The Rest
    I'll Do
    Melody Safe
    You, Apologies

    Choose Swiftly

  2. ....this is it. let me do some research. Maduin, Shaun, do you see this?


    I know what to GL says you need to do, but the cost...B...

    So the only option is to find Jay's lab and to inject her with the memory forgetting drug into her brain...the skill needed for that, as well as finding it at all.

    I can't give any more ground to him, I won't...

    B, I need to talk to you privately.

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  4. I don't know what to do. I'm in shock.

  5. I wish sometimes that I could forget it all...
    Or maybe I don't - seems the coward's way out.

  6. Would you? Jay said 'perfect amnesia' was needed. You'd have to lose every bit of identity you have, and would probably have to live your life unable to know who you were, in fear that you might stumble across him again.

    For your daily gallows humor:

    An old man sits on a park bench. He has no idea who he is, or how he got here. A genie pops up beside him and says, "Master. What do you want for your third wish?"

    The old man cries out, "I...I want to know who I am?!?"

    The genie replies, "But...that was your first wish."