Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I read Melody's post. She told me about it first though. I will never let Him get to her nor will she herself. But I do agree that He's trying to hallow her. She told me that she will tell me everything from now on. I trust her.

I can never let her become an agent. I just couldn't live with that. I'll kill him I swear. Next time we see him we agreed that I should try something. Like the fire extinguisher.
Melody said that she will try to block him out if she starts hearing him again.

We have to kill him.



  1. EE is an antagonist if not an agent. Oddly supportive with that post though....

  2. Wow, after reading all your posts, all I can really say is best of luck to both of you. I wish I could do something more than that.

  3. Just give him your support Hosozukuri, he needs to know that he has hope always.

  4. I think Lily, my Alter, (I have multiple personality disorder) was trying to be sarcastic. And she is Hollowed.