Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep were in Arizona. Took a while but it was worth it. We no longer have to freeze our asses off when we're running. Hopefully we can settle down a bit here.

Also happy Thanksgiving to anyone who still cares.

So many things have happened though. Nessa's gone. Zero's getting worse and He's probably attacking because of what we did.

But it was worth it. Melody's so much better. I just wish the agents would leave her alone so that she could go back.

Got to find a hotel or something even though we haven't had the best luck with those.



  1. Oh they'll never leave her alone. And master will never leave you alone. Soon you'll die and your sweet Melody will be all open for a nice attack.

  2. Eh. They might never leave any of us alone. Doesn't mean we have to mope or be intimidated by puppets.

    I'm sure Melody will get back home.

  3. Nessa's with me. Zero's over his BSOD from the looks of it. We're fine, B, you focus on keeping yourself well.

    And Jean's right. Even if they don't leave us alone, well, doesn't mean we can't still tell them to piss off ;)

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  5. Rika-chan, just die already, I should've caved your skull in when I had the chance.

  6. But you didn't Zero. And next time I come by don't expect a pipe.

  7. I've upgraded as well, let's see who spent more money.

    god it's refreshing to know that your punkass is real. (That is to say Rika, not you B, I know you're real, and hardly a punkass)
    and fuck I am rambling....