Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We saw something. Something horrid. Three of them. Three runners. Two boys and a girl.

We had jumped out of our train to get food when we saw about fifty yards away the whole seen. They were running. We almost immediatly knew they were running from him. We just knew. Then the girl tripped. One boy screamed and ran back to help her. The other kept running but He appeared right in front of him and He...... My god. We were in shock. We couldn't move. Then He turned to the two left who were on the ground. We ran away. But we heard things. Terrible screams of agony. Then it all stopped. I threw up. Melody started crying. We could'nt have done anything. But still...

Did He do this on purpose? Just to scare us even more?

And Nessa's being hallowed now too. Why? Why all of this?

Were going to try to get on another train. We cover alot of land that way.



  1. Just checking in. Doing head count.

  2. terror tactics, he got to all of us B, it's alright. you're doing the right thing

  3. No fear, mate. He tries to scare you, spit in his face. He tells you to run? Tell him to go man a gloryhole. He tells you to give in? Punch him in the dick and continue about your business.