Monday, January 3, 2011

Jolted back
that's what I felt
I saw him
I didn't hear him
but the fear
worse than ever before
I was rash
I ran away
from rose, fallen, Jeff
it was stupid of me
so stupid
i don't think he needs me anymore
i think he's going to kill me
it was inevitable though
I'll try stay sane
I'll try to stay alive
for as long as I can


  1. let him go. he needs to do this

  2. On his own B is breaking, as long as Rose doesn't go near Fallen, and Lost he may be safer with that he won't kill himself, no one involved in this is really safe.

    Best of luck B, to take Rose's hand, to live, to die, or to surrender. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

  3. there is strength in unity, but B is already broken. He can try to exist codependently with Rose or others, limping day to day, his heart in bondage, or he can face himself in the mirror and find his own worth again.

    He had a goal once, and it was stolen from him, if he has nothing left, then he has no hope.

  4. Hey B!
    J here, a new J.
    Come back.
    Made a connection with us.
    Goes for all.

  5. I'm still searching, but going outside isn't safe. ///It///'s there more often. I don't know what to do.


  6. Does she have a phone?
    You can track phones
    do anything to find her
    even if you have to kill them
    don't hesitate or bad things will happen....
    Jack please find her
    next time /IT/ leaves look for her
    please please don't let anything happen to her

  7. Not going to stop looking for you.

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