Sunday, January 2, 2011

Insane I am insane

I think I hear him again

I think I feel him again

Going through bouts of insanity isn't fun for anyone

Where are you Melody?

Please come back

I miss you


  1. B.

    Get your shit together, man.

    Melody would not have wanted this.

    I know it must be hard to lose her, I know it would hurt like nothing else to lose Chester the way you lost her, but she would have wanted you to stay strong.

  2. I know
    but it's hard
    I hear him
    I see him
    he'll never go away

  3. Don't forget you have me, Jeff, and Cheska, B. *hugs B* ~Rose

  4. Good to hear you're still alive, if not okay. Stay alive, run. And remember no matter what it shows you no matter what lies it tries to throw your way remember who you are...and that Melody is dead and would have wanted you to live, and go running into an illusion's arms.