Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank god.

Im with Rose now. I should be ale to hold up for awhile.


  1. My dear B.
    You have something I require.
    -The Fallen

  2. What would that be?
    I won't let you have me again.

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  4. Dear boy.
    I do not require your body.

    What I require is your mind.

    You have the formula to the cure.

    That is what I seek.

    -The Fallen

  5. No No No!
    I won't let you have it.
    Torture me all you want I've been through too much for you to get answers.

  6. B,I have no time for this insolence.

    I wish to have the cure for another reason than presenting it to the master.

    This reason is personal.

    And I hope that you would understand why.

    -The Fallen

  7. Take your best shot.
    I won't give it to you.
    You deserve to feel the pain I felt.
    The pain of loosing a loved one.
    Bring it on.
    I'll never tell you.

  8. Give it to me, boy!
    And you will earn your freedom.

    Give it to me.
    And Melody's death will not have been in vain.

    You can save them all, B.

    It's what she would have wanted.

    -The Fallen