Sunday, December 12, 2010

Somehow I'm not dead.

My hand.

My fucking right hand is gone.

Fucking gone.

I sort of woke up today in a house. I had no idea what had happened. My right hand was gone. Fucking gone and my arm was just bandaged. Then I realized I had a knife in my left hand. I was covered in blood. To my right was a girl. She looked to be about 16. She was dead. I had killed her. Then I heard a voice behind me. It was another girl. I assume she was Fallen.

"Too bad we had to shoot your hand off. We couldn't have let you off yourself. We were having
so much fun with you"

Me>>> Who the hell are you? Where the fuck am I?

Fallen>>> I think you know who I am. As for where we are it's just one of my many bases. You were just torturing this fine girl. She was a runner and you got the chance to play with her.

Me>>> Stop it!!!! Leave me the fuck alone!!!!

At this point Fallen charged at me and knocked the knife out of my hand. She threw me on the ground and stomped on my right arm. I blacked out from the pain. I woke up again in this closet and found that I still had my phone.

So fuck.

I tried to shoot myself and they shot my fucking hand off before I could do it.
I blacked out afterwards and became hallowed and killed who knows how many. And now I'm being held by Fallen.

What am I going to do?


  1. You can type with one hand, Maduin. ~Rose

  2. I have my phone. I can still post with it.

  3. B,i'll make her suffer for that.i may not know you,but she'll die for that.